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13 February 2013 - 12:29pm

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Agrifolio, most famous freeride trail on the Italian Riviera.After 3 months without rain......Molini Freeride Bed & Breakfast
Breattaking views of the Molini valley
Unrivaled mountain biking and freeriding in Italy

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Welcome to Molini Freeride! Home to the best riding on the Italian Riviera in Liguria. Tel (0039) 346 372 6542


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This is it!  The riding Paradise! You're a mountain biker and you still have never been to Molini?! Do it this season with Molini Freeride! 


We are based at Molini di Triora on the Italian Riviera in the Maritime Alps, an Italian National Park on the French/Italian border.  It's only 25km from the coast and 100km from Nice, which guarantees  easy access from the airport with a transfer taking approximately one hour along the superb Autostrada dei Fiore (motorway of flowers). There are some unbelievable views of the Riviera and coast of Liguria on the way as well!
We offer uplifts with our own van around more than 25 of the most challenging trails in Europe in an area of over 200 square kilometres. The whole valley around Molini di Triora is perfect for mountain bikers, who look for stunning natural trails and breathtaking mountains above them. Some of our descents offer more than a kilometer of a difference between the start and finish and consist of 3 types of trail. Check it out and you'll love it!
Apart from riding we offer traditional Italian cuisine and culture. Molini di Triora is a beautiful quiet village perfect for a post-riding chillout. If however quietness is not something for you we are happy to take you for a sightseeing and shopping trip to San Remo, where you'll find sandy beaches and other attractive things!

The first video below has been created by our guests from 42CYCLES. How a look and get excited about the trails here!:)

 The second one is made by Arthur Masera and presents Remy Metailler and Sylvian Celaire shredding on our trails. Seems like they did enjoy it!


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